Rebates - Just STOP Already

August 27, 2017

Holy crap, can we stop with the mail in rebates? Everyone knows this isn't for the consumer, but, the company offering the rebate. It's a surge in sales with half of us never bothering with the tedious mail-in process.

It's like legal extortion.


REWIND: Jonsing For Some Pumpkin Spice Sausage

August 13, 2017

Autumn is heading at us like a berserking linebacker, so here's a show from a couple years ago where we discuss the Pumpkin Spice craze.... And how it can go a bit too far.


INDOT: Worst Run Branch In the East

August 3, 2017

Indiana may have the worst run DOT in the East. I'm not joking. I'm from Massachusetts originally, I lived through the Big Dig. For me to call out INDOT is very, very sad. INDOT shuts down major arteries, sometimes intersecting ones, creating complete traffic chaos.

You'd think these were Vocational School students doing this for the first time.

Raise concerns about the mess their making? They get snarky. Enough's enough, INDOT. Time to rip a few new holes. This is beyond bullcrap. And you Hoosiers don't have to put up with it.